Research Films

“Jay’s ability to actively listen and creatively work in collaboration with each student was truly inspirational. His artistic skills in film making, combined with his incredible ability to nurture and encourage, made the project a transformative experience for all involved.”

Dr Sophie North, Academic Lead UEA, University of Sanctuary initiative

Red7 has developed a significant body of work in the area of research films. Collaborating with research institutions, universities and independent researchers to create filmed outputs that capture, evaluate and disseminate research projects to wide and diverse audiences. In the process of developing the research films, Jay works with researchers to understand the aims of the research also working with any participants involved. In the editing of the films, Jay works closely with the researchers involved to ensure that the final filmed output reflects the research findings ethically and with rigour.

The main video featured here is the the trailer for Workers, a series of films where ten individuals give personal and sometimes moving accounts of warehouse and food factory work, and reflect on their creative lives within and beyond the workplace. Their stories reveal some of the harsh employment conditions in contemporary capitalist workplaces in these sectors, and confirm the power inequalities inherent in them. Three of the narrators also look back to earlier decades, remembering their working experiences in food production. This project was made in conjunction with Ben Rogaly of the University of Sussex in conjunction with the AHRC. You can see all of the chapters here.

Below are more research projects Red7 has had the pleasure of being involved with.

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